Bulletstorm: You Like Strawberry?  Try RAWBERRY! … A Review

Bulletstorm: You like strawberry? Try RAWBERRY! … A review

Bulletstorm breathes new life into the decaying corpse that is the first person shooter. There are a few disclaimers about the game that I must share before I get into a proper review.  First, the game isn’t meant to be taken seriously.  The dialog is meant to be ridiculous and cheesy, sort of like if Wolverine was the main character in Ice Pirates (1% of people reading this have seen Ice Pirates).   Let’s review the game, not the hype.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Now With Commander Shepard!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Now with Commander Shepard!

This Christmas eve let us celebrate an amazing Bioware crossover event. For a while now I’ve been hearing rumors that the best female voice actress in the biz, Jennifer Hale was going to be the voice of the Trooper class in Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well with this X-mas eve trailer those rumors have been confirmed! (Click to behold greatness)

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