PAX Prime 2014: Deeper Into Darkest Dungeon

PAX Prime 2014: Deeper into Darkest Dungeon

PAX_SQUAREFor those still unaware of Darkest Dungeon, Red Hook Studios is in the process of creating an incredibly slick turn-based strategy game with some play mechanics you probably haven’t seen before. On the surface, Darkest Dungeon may seem familiar with four characters delving deeper and deeper into perilous dungeons in search of plunder and glory, however this is where the similarities to every other dungeon crawler stop.

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PAX East 2014: Secret Ponchos – Behind The Poncho!

PAX East 2014: Secret Ponchos – Behind the Poncho!

RNA_PAX_2014I’ve been keeping my eye on Secret Ponchos since I first saw it at last year’s PAX: East and since that time the spaghetti-western-shooter has grown up and matured quite a bit… like a delicious cheese if you will. Initially designed for the PS3, Secret Ponchos has been rebuilt to run at 60FPS on the PS4 and looks prettier than ever with enhanced character models, lighting, and a ton of polish.

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PAX East 2014: Devling Into The Darkest Dungeon

PAX East 2014: Devling into the Darkest Dungeon

RNA_PAX_2014With over 100 games inside the Indie MEGABOOTH, it’s easy to miss a title here or there even if you’re actively hunting for great games all weekend. On Sunday I went on a quest to find Darkest Dungeon and by the time I actually got to play the game I realized why it was getting so much attention, this dungeon delve is perhaps the darkest of them all.

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Rated NA 147: Indie MEGABOOTH @ PAX East 2014 With Kelly Wallick

Rated NA 147: Indie MEGABOOTH @ PAX East 2014 with Kelly Wallick

[HOSTS: Ash, Matt, and Scott] PAX East 2014 is upon us, and what better way to get stoked than with a visit from your friendly Indie MEGABOOTH Overlord, Kelly Wallick ! We welcome her back to the show to catch up, and preview the 100+ games that will be at this years’ convention. The guys also talk a little Kindle FireTV, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Game of Thrones. In our NAQOTW, you tell us about friends you’ve met and made through conventions. Let’s get to it!

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