Rated NA 122: Inside the Indie Megabooth with Overlord Kelly Wallick


This episode we sit down with Kelly Wallick, the Indie Megabooth Overlord! She is the person responsible for rallying a huge section of the floor for indie game coverage and getting a lot of the great games from small companies some well deserved recognition, and it all started with a LAB EXPLOSION! Also don’t forget to stick around for the end where we cover what happened last week in the NAFF, the NAPEL and we play a new game of SPOIL DRAGON AGE FOR MAAAAATTTTT!

Rated NA 122 – Inside the Indie Megabooth with Overlord Kelly Watnick

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  1. Chris Jenkins

    Playing through DA:O for the first time right now…does this spoilery-ness get telegraphed ahead of time, or do I need to just avoid this episode for now?

    1. mattna

      It is WELL marked no worries. Also if you are further than 6-8 hours in you’ll have already played through the spoilery parts. Plus it’s at the end after the interview. I just started as well! What did you make? I’m a female dwarf rogue. Digging it so far.

      1. Chris Jenkins

        Playing a male human rogue. First few hours there was a lot that I didn’t like about it (silent protagonist, anarchronistic dialog system, ugly graphics, it not being Mass Effect), but 21 hours in I can’t stop playing! Love the party banter, and I think the writing and the fullness of the world are beyond most any other game or series I’ve played.

        1. mattna

          Awesome! Yeah, I felt the same about the silent protagonist but got used to it. It is a 4 year old game after all. You also are plenty far enough long to not get anything spoiled, feel free to listen away.

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