The Woman In Black: The Nerd Appropriate Review

The Woman in Black: The Nerd Appropriate Review

A movie called “The Woman in Black” appeared in my Direct TV queue the other day and because of my unnatural obsession with all things paranormal, there was little I could do to combat its pull. Now, before you get all “OMG, I can’t believe you didn’t know about it” or “Ugh, isn’t that the one with Harry Potter not being Harry Potter” on me, hear me out. This film was quite good. Yes, it can be difficult to see Daniel Radcliffe as anything other than the brooding kid with glasses and an owl, but the way the movie progressed from first conflict to denouement was outstanding. I literally screamed at a couple key points in between, so the thrill factor was certainly present.

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Rated NA 54: Winning At Life

Rated NA 54: Winning at life

Since none of us won the mega lottery, we’re back! We talk about fan-made Wing Commander, KickStarter, Harry Potter, New comic-based TV cartoons, SEGA’s woes, and the new Superman. We take a look at Angry Birds in Space, (now with gravitational pull), and give early impressions of Kid Icarus uprising for the 3DS. Finally, we look ahead to convention season and talk about your most anticipated releases this year. Special thanks to Jimmy Hinson (aka Big Giant Circles) for rejoin music from the album Legacy, featuring unused material originally intended for Mass Effect 2. Awesome!

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Open Thread: Holiday Media Consumption

Open Thread: Holiday media consumption

For the lucky ones that will truly have time to themselves over the next couple of weeks, this is a great time to catch up on your nerd quotient. Most television shows are on hiatus, theres a lull in video game releases, and plenty of sales out there to entice your credit card to jump out of your wallet. Time to hit your nerd media collection hard, and get started on some new stuff too.

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