GDC 2013: Alli’s GDC Diaries Day Three and Four – Information Overload

What day is it? I’m not even sure right now. My brain and body are officially fried in a wonderful way that only information overload could accomplish. I’ve seen a lot of talks, met a lot of people, and even gotten a look at a game or two. I’ll have to do a full write up later but for now I’m going to offer you, in no particular order, the talks I attended that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you can get your hands on vault access to these, be sure to watch them.


While I’ve sat in on a plethora of talks, my top three, without a doubt, were (in no particular order):


Saving Doug

Saving Doug – Empathy, Character, and Choice in The Walking Dead:  presented by Jake Rodkin & Sean Vanaman of Telltale Games.

Designing Journey: presented by Jenova Chen of Thatgamecompany.

Designing Humor in Borderlands 2: presented by Anthony Burch of Gearbox Software.

As a bonus, I think everyone involved in video games in any capacity needs to check out David Gaider’s Sex & Videogames talk. Also, read his blog! Follow him on twitter! Be a better person!

GDC has been pretty phenomenal for the most part. For more be sure to follow me on twitter. @allithrasher

With that, I’m off to bed.

PS written on a space device, per usual. Please excuse typos & tone. Woohoo!


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