GDC 2013: Alli’s GDC Diary Day Two – Intellectual Hangover

Alli’s GDC Diary Day 2

How does a table of game developers end up with stickers and post-it notes all over their faces? By creating a paper version of Costume Quest, obviously.

Welcome to my GDC Diary Day 2! Once again, hastily typed up on a mobile device and totally destroyed by autocorrect.

Yesterday I attended the second full day session of the Game Design Workshop. My brain is currently overfull in a wonderful way. While many of my fellow attendees are nursing their very real hangovers, I’m holding down an intellectual one.


While many of my fellow attendees are nursing their very real hangovers I’m holding down an intellectual one.

The first part of my day was spent working towards making a paper version of one of my favorite games with a drive towards maximum silliness. Did we succeed? Well, I’ll let the grown man yelling “trick or treat” while dancing and putting stickers all over his face answer that for me (actually, he wouldn’t let me take a photo, understandably, but just trust me). The afternoon brought more design exercises in the form of Stone Lebrande‘s session, Supply Chain. The chaotic exercise was wildly fun, but also drove home some important messages about collaboration between varying teams within a design organization or project.

My brain is overfull right now, and I’m sprinting off to my first full day of talks. Thanks for reading folks, now enjoy some photos of us on a trolley – check out @juliusblaise (my colleague Adam) for photos and vine vids of our beyond work adventures.


Alli Thresher likes heavy metal way too much.

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