Mass Effect 3: Citadel – A Familial Farewell

A heroic commander, a loyal crew, a dangerous new enemy, and, yes, a krogan. Well, if you didn’t shoot him anyway. If John Woo was going to direct Nicholas Cage in a Mass Effect movie, It would be the Citadel DLC. I took the day off from work, expecting a good three or four hour playthough–which has been average for the ME3 content– and I ended up playing all damn day.

To get into the main plot would be spoiling all the enjoyment a person can have unraveling the mystery on one’s own.   Pro tip… If you’re a fan of Mass Effect’s party banter, turn on the subtitles so that you don’t miss any of the highly entertaining pieces of dialogue that happen while folks are  running, gunning, and ducking for cover. Jennifer Hale, and I presume Mark Meer, seem to really enjoy the material they were given. Tonally, the Citadel DLC is much more lighthearted and whimsical  thanks to the writers, who let Shepard and the crew loosen up and poke fun at the legend created over the course of three games.

Bioware’s “evil genius” level designers have created a sufficient challenge for Shepard in the CAT6 mercenary squad, who are unlike anything players have faced so far in the trilogy. I hate disruptor drones and grenades!  In order to survive these new enemy types players will have to adapt and throw out some of the tactics they learned from past adventures. The levels themselves are innovative, look gorgeous, and force players to approach each battle tactically.  Locations such as the sushi restaurant, the Citadel archives, and Shepard’s apartment are visually stunning and unique.  Players that enjoy lore will want to explore the residence and the archives. It’s a treat!

For as much time spent shooting, there was even more to do in exploring the post-mission content. There are individual “dates” to be had with just about everyone who have served on the Normandy. And when I say everyone, I do mean everyone. Most of the crew from ME2 are back, or receive a nod, and they are ready to celebrate too!  If a player is so inclined, they can redecorate Shepard’s apartment and have one last bash for the crew of the Normandy .

If the player hosts the party, and that is highly advisable, make sure to check out each and every group conversation. There are two different paths, indicated via dialogue, to take for the event, but it’s all a loving nod to the camaraderie Shepard has built with their crew and a way for players to say a final goodbye to the characters they love.

For those looking for a bit more action post-mission? Check out the Armax Arsenal Combat Arena. It’s reminiscent of the multiplayer experience and a heck of a lot of fun.

The Citadel DLC was made for the fans; the ones who laughed, cried, and cheered for Shepard no matter what. If there are any doubts left in people’s minds about whether or not Bioware loves their player base, the Citadel DLC should quickly erase them. Hats off to the writers, voice actors, editors, community managers, level designers, everyone at Bioware, who made this possible. Mass Effect has been one hell of a ride thanks to their efforts. If anyone is on the fence about the content, Fear not! The Citadel DLC is a worthy familial farewell to the characters we all love.

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  1. Jesse

    BEST. DLC. EVER!!!!

    I’ve played through it twice, and still not had all the conversation options at the party, let alone barely dipping my toe in the lake that is the Armax Arena.

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