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JJ Abrams tapped as new director of Star Wars

As reported by Deadline.com, the director of your favorite Mission Impossible movie, possibly favorite Star Trek movie and least favorite Amblin Entertainment movie is set to helm a brand new, Disney owned Star Wars film. I’m assuming that the majority of nerds with pitchforks are deciding whether they love this or hate it. I think the guy is a brilliant producer and slightly less brilliant director, but it has the possibility of being a good movie. It can’t be much worse than the prequels.

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  1. Ash

    I’m a huge fan of JJ from Alias and think he has the chops to direct a great film. We all know it’s all about the tone and the script. Great script in his hands will equal a great film.

    1. mattna

      Agreed. I think it will be good, but watching the fall out, hype up over this will be the best part.

  2. Scott

    I never thought that time travel would be part of the Star Wars universe, but there you have it. While he’s at it, he should re-edit the original trilogy to replace narrative exposition with flashbacks using clips from the original trilogy.

    Cautiously optimistic.

  3. Carlo

    I love me some Bad Robot, but taking on Star Trek & Star Wars? Hmms..
    Cautiously optimistic as well. I was pulling for some Del Toro action myself.

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