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Y The Last Man Movie announced with former Totally Rad Show Host at the helm

Y the Last Man

I have been a Totally Rad Show fan since the very beginning. I literally remember Alex hyping it on an episode of Diggnation and thought, that sounds cool. Needless to say, I fell in love with it and loved the format of three friends talking about things they liked (and sometimes didn’t). It was an inspiration for why we started this podcast.

We showed off Danny Trachtenberg’s fan made, and amazing, short called Portal: No Escape. The short looks big budget and is amazingly done. A great piece of fan appreciation mixed with an artists eye. If you haven’t seen it yet click on the link and take a gander, it’s well worth your seven minutes.

The latest news via The Vulture is that the long in development Y the Last Man movie has added it’s director and it’s none other than Mr. Trachtenberg. This is fantastic news for multiple reasons, one, I think the guy has a great eye from the little bit I’ve seen of his work, and the second is that he is a huge fan of the series. Meaning we have a real fan behind a comic series that is one of the best of all time. Y the Last Man is written by Brian K Vaughan and focuses on Yorick, the last man on earth, and his monkey Ampersand. The series revolves around many plot points that include Yorick attempting to find his ex-girlfriend and massive political intrigue. It takes you across the country in search of answers as to why this happened and if it can be fixed. If  you’ve yet to read the story, I can’t recommend it enough. You can pick it up here on Amazon or at your local comic shop. While we are on the subject of Vaughn, his latest is Saga. It is a sort of space opera version of Romeo and Juliet, mixed with tons of sex, violence and aliens. It is fantastic with amazing art by Fiona Staples. Again, pick this up on Amazon or wherever  you buy comics.

Also, Dan, if you’re reading this, how about Trent Reznor on the score?

If you’ve seen the Portal short, Dan put together a great making of that shows some of how the effects were put together.

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  1. bill

    Have you ever seen this fan film for ‘Y’? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfgzjWuPMBc

  2. Ash

    I forgot to mention that I read all the issues of Saga while I was up in Brooklyn. Really liking it so far, but man are some of the concepts out there. Its totally a book that needs to be read multiple times.

  3. Fluidfyre

    Oh man I totally loved this series, I didn’t know they were planning on making a movie. Here’s hoping it makes it?

    And always love seeing this Portal short, it’s SO well done. Seeing this ‘how it was done’ is really cool! I’m continually impressed at what is CG now a days, it’s getting to the point I can’t really know more than half the time.

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