Rated NA 75: Question of the Weekes

75 episodes of Rated NA!  Can you believe that we’ve made it this far?  We sure can’t. This week the gang welcomes Patrick Weekes, writer on the Mass Effect series, to talk about his craft and his new book, The Palace Job.  We also briefly reflect on our lives pre-Borderlands 2 and give you the details on a few contests we’re running with some incredible prizes.  Oh yeah, Patrick was also cool enough to answer a number of your awesome listener questions as well.  Enjoy!

Rated NA 75


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    I think what Patrick said about being around people who challenge you is great general life advice. Really great interview, thanks for the insight into what you’ve been through, and what other people can aim for/work on to help find/get to where they want to be in life. I loved hearing how much you deliberate over names – makes me feel better about myself in that respect hah.

    And holy crap the renegade side of the Mordin/Tuchunka story. What happens and the ramifications of it later in the game? A punch in the gut. I felt like an awful awful person doing it. I spent days going – I can’t believe I/Shepard did that. It’s exactly what it needs to be – horrible.

    Really fascinating to hear about writing in women and PoC in the Palace Job (or writing in general). Glad to hear the discussion about it.

    And great cast all around! Love when you guys have a guest 🙂

  2. lyssabits

    I chuckled at the bit about Mordin’s seashells, because when I played through I totally flashed to the Red October scene he said he was referencing. 😉 “I would have liked to have seen Montana.” It’s like the most heart-breaking line in that movie.

    My next playthrough is going to be as a Renegade and.. well, I’m cringing already at the Renegade path on Tuchanka. I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’ve avoided spoilers but I know it cant possibly be good and Mordin is basically my favorite character.

    1. mattna

      I agree! It’s always awesome to hear an author’s inspiration and realize you felt the same thing when you read/played through it. I do not envy your renegade play through at all, godspeed my friend.

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