Rated NA 74: I’ll take all the dongles

The gang gets into some spirited discussion about the Wii U talking prices, hardware, games, and your feels. There’s a new iPhone and a new jam from CossbySweater. We review Transformers: FoC, the new Resident Evil movie, JJ Abrams’ Revolution, and the Walking Dead Episode 3. Nah-Quatto!

Rated NA 74


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  1. mattna

    I apologize for my extra aggro on this. I have no idea why I found myself defending Nintendo so hard.

    1. Scott

      Yep, same for me. I apologize for any aggro on my part as well.

      I sometimes feel forced into the position of Nintendo defender, and I certainty have my own gripes with them. As I’ve mentioned in many other tech sectors, I still maintain that competition between the 3 current major systems only benefits the consumer, whether you are a fan or not of the product. I’ve certaintly switched camps over to the 360 as my main console, The Wii U would just be a compliment (if the price / games could justify it).

  2. Aenne Schumann

    In response to your question. I do not own a wii (however my ex and my husband own one) so I did get lots of play time with the wii. I loved it! I loved Twilight Princess, you know I love Brawl! I thought it was lots of fun. My disdain for Nintendo comes from the fact that Nintendo REFUSES to acknowledge the Super Smash bros community a basically shuns us because Smash bros is a “party” game and dislikes the fact that we are competitive about it. They will not support us in any of our endeavors. This is a giant stab in the back, as many of the smashers are some of Nintendo’s greatest backers!

    It just seems like time and time again, Nintendo refuses to listen to its fans or grow up. They seem stuck in their own world thinking they are greatest thing since sliced bread. I do not like the attitude Nintendo has acquired in recent years. 🙁

    Also Smash bros on the wiiu!? How the fuck do you play it without a real controller? XD

    1. mattna

      I understand that. I feel the same about Apple and it’s products. I love them to death, but it’s their way or the highway.

    2. Scott

      That’s a position I’ve never been aware of, and it definitely makes me see the argument from a different perspective. Maybe not even the fact that they are not growing up with us, as much as it is not adapting quickly enough to the current market. But again, I imagine this entirely different crowd of people who don’t go on blogs and such who gobble the wii up without any extreme interest in tech like we have. Thanks for the perspective!

  3. Fluidfyre

    Should I try and find inappropriate pictures of Jem to tweet you guys? Okay they’d just be for Ash.

    1. Nerd Appropriate

      Oooo please do! Truly outrageous!

      1. Fluidfyre

        Will try to remember when I am at home. Not a work-safe search options.

  4. Nate Hales

    BSG is awesome. I just started watching not that long ago as well. It’s amazing.

    The disconnect between Nintendo and media usage is alarming to say the least. I just don’t understand why they would go after television streaming when that ship has sailed. They want it to be a media device and then they give you a joke of a “hard drive”. I said it on our show, but it baffles me that they are releasing a system that is outdated before it even makes it to market. That means this thing needs to be sold by games and aside from ZombieU I have seen nothing that makes me believe this will be a must have at launch or ever.

    Obviously their target is people who ONLY OWN the Wii. But, much like Matt said, the price puts it out of that range. Most people that use the Wii as their only system, aren’t used to the console upgrade cycle and frankly are perfectly happy with what they have. Wii Sports is enough.

    I wouldn’t guarantee there is going to be games with 2 gamepads. It seems like right now they are hoping that 3rd party developers will makes games like that, but there is no way that is happening. Requiring 2 gamepads ($170 per) will be a pricing barrier and developers aren’t going to risk segmenting and already segmented market.

    I still think the Bayonetta exclusive is alarm and not a win. It’s not a big game, honestly, it’s a good game and it’s a successful second-tier game, but it’s no where need the big time exclusives like Halo and Uncharted. We’re talking about 1.38 million sales total, Uncharted 3 had 3.28 million on the first day. I think Nintendo shopped for exclusives and Bayonetta was the only buyer, knowing that it’s exclusivity to the WiiU wouldn’t hurt it’s sales number and offered an opportunity to be a hardcore original title on a system that doesn’t have that many.

    I agree with Scott that having the “Big 3” is good for competition and it pushes the boundaries. I think I am just not in support of where Nintendo is continuing to go. It just feel gimmicky to me and I hate it because I am dedicated to certain Nintendo titles and it just bums me out that I can’t play Zelda and Metroid anymore. I wish they pushed the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay, not the boundaries of hardware. Those titles represent my gaming history and I love them.

    Sorry for this Nintendo rant. I am stopping now. I love you guys.

    1. Nerd Appropriate

      We love you too sir. And I agree with much of what you said here. The optimist in me wants to see Nintendo bounce back with some truly incredible original IPs that don’t involve a certain plumber. People also seem to forget that SEGA tried the whole “controller with a screen in it” thing with the Dreamcast and, while it functioned, it never really added much to the overall gameplay experience. (Ash)

      1. mattna

        Not to speak for Scott, but I think the point is more that XBox comes out with this second screen idea (smartglass) and everyone poops themselves. Nintendo does it first and with arguably a better experience in place (possibly, we’ll see), and everyone shits all over it.

        I get the feeling that everyone wanted Nintendo to release the WiiU at the same price as the current Wii. That they have devalued their brand. I still do not believe this is a “current gen” console and am willing to wait to see if 3rd parties jump on board making these games interesting. I’m not saying it is going to be the beastly computing machines that will most likely come out of Sony and MS, but this is hardly a 5 year old machine either.

        We’ll see, I am rooting for them because I don’t want to be in a place where the only consoles coming out are competing to swallow up your living room.

        1. Nate Hales

          I didn’t really see the smartglass pooping you were talking about, but I think you might be right about price point. My excitement for SmartGlass was less around gaming applications and more around a better way to control Netflix. I know my hate is probably a little clouded by some poor recent experiences on Wii.

          I want to be wrong, honestly I do and I will be the first to admit it. I hope it turns out amazing and Nintendo sweeps back into my heart and hugs it warmly.

        2. Scott

          I think that if you take the absolute value of our passion on this company / system I think that we are all in the same place. Just looking at different sides. Clearly, we all just want a reasonably priced Wii U with 3rd party support and Zune hardware / software integration.

  5. Nate Hales

    OMG! Matt your love of Zune is like I am living in a fantasy world! My Zune HD is absolutely one of the best pieces of tech ever! People need to step back and realize how it is hands down better than any other portable media player around.

    1. Scott

      Don’t forget about that Zune software. I’m not liking Xbox Music’s UI.

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