Hero Academy Update

Hero Academy gets free update with single player challenges!


We love us some Hero Academy here at NA headquarters (Truth: Robot Entertainment was our first stop at PAX East this year). Robot Entertainment returns the community love by deploying a FREE update, available now, that adds single-player challenges to try out new factions and strategies. The update also adds a tutorial, taunt award system, and additional Game Center achievements.

This is totally awesome for a couple of reasons: you now have something to do while waiting for your friends to take their turns (not pointing any fingers here). Or, if you’re as inexplicably terrible at this game as I am, you can jump into single player and try to figure out where things went wrong in life.

In any event, more Hero Academy is a good thing, and if you’re not playing, this is the best time to start!

Hero Academy from Robot Entertainment is available on iOS.

Happy Gaming. 


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