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Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack drops May 29th “for Thessia!”

Just as we all prepare to smash some banshee faces this weekend comes the news that a new set of characters, weapons, and maps are coming to our beloved ME3 mutliplayer.

Whip it good

We knew from the previous challenge weekend that the Vorcha were headed to multiplayer, but in a surprising twist the fine folks at BioWare have announced that ex-Cerberus operatives are joining our side as well. For #TeamVanguard fans out there, you’ll be getting an ex-Cerberus Vanguard with a Lash attack… looks frakking awesome.

Welcome to the jungle baby

In addition to the Asari location, Firebase Goddess, the DLC will feature a jungle environment, Firebase Jade. And you bet you can be sure that there will be few Ft. Kickasses to control on these new maps. Even the description of Firebase Goddess mentions that the level is circular, making points difficult to control. Maybe now is a good time to learn how to run a demolition derby blender in multiplayer.

Pew pew pew

There are also interesting developments on the weapons front: There are descriptions of what looks to be a fully automatic Mattock rifle (nice), a sniper rifle with an adjustable scope, and some mash-up of an arc pistol + shotgun in the update notes.

But for now, the banshees can try and take Firebase NerdAppropriate… but they’ll have to rip our Crusaders, Strikers, and Sabers from our cold dead hands first. Bring it on.

Happy Gaming.



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  1. Ash

    I’m damn excited for this.  I need to find out where this “Firebase NerdAppropriate” is…

    1. Scott

      It exists in our hearts and dreams… don’t let anyone tell you any different, lol

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