Ant Man

Who is Ant Man? We Cast Marvel’s Next Avenger!

Comicvine - Perhaps the most important moment for Hank Pym came when he was declared the Scientist Supreme by the extra-dimensional entity, Eternity. Hank was given the position over other minds such as Richards, Stark and Doom because he approached science as a means of making the impossible possible, rather than just a tool for exploration or engineering.

Believe it or not, somewhere one Earth Marvel’s Ant man is somebody’s favorite Avenger. With Avenger mania sweeping the planet (and draining wallets everywhere) Marvel Studios is fully aware that Ant Man has the potential to be HUGE (see what I did there). Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright will soon be bringing us the misadventures of Hank Pym, also known as the Ant Man. Considering Mr. Wright has consitantly given us cinematic gold, we have high hopes for the Ant Man franchise.  Now, last we heard there is no solid plan to bring Edgar Wright’s Ant Man into the current Avengers film universe, but if we whine enough we may get our way.  More importantly however are the following questions. Who exactly is the Ant Man? And, who is the perfect actor to portray the super genius Hank Pym?

Who is Ant Man?: There have actually been a number of different “Ant Men” over the years but the one we’re concerned about is Mr.Hank Pym. In Marvel comics mythology, Hank Pym is a founding member of The original Avengers, and according to Eternity, the smartest man on Earth.  Wright’s film will no doubt tell the tale of Pym’s discovery of mysterious size altering chemicals (Pym Particles) after the tragic death of his young wife.  On top changing his size and mass, Pym soon creates a helmet that gives him the ability to control insects.  After the discovery of his new found powers, Pym is no longer content with simply being a science nerd and decides to battle evil and save the world… You know the drill.


Ant Man? Sure!

Who Should Play Ant Man?: The perfect Ant Man needs to be played by an actor that can easily portray the angsty genius that is Ant Man.  Unlike other more confident members of the Avengers,  Pym was originally depicted as a young self doubting super genius who often felt outclassed by “Earths mightiest heroes.”  After scouring the data cores  of the “nerd computer” (IMDB), I have determined that the best young actor for the job is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Not only is Joseph Gordon-Levitt the perfect age to play Hank Pym, the kid can ACT.  With huge upcoming roles in films like Looper and The Dark Knight Rises, Levitt may actually be a challenge to nab for the lesser known Marvel micro-hero.  Whoever imagined the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun would be in such high demand?