Hero Academy Goes Green! Enter: The Tribe

Hero Academy is one of our favorite iOS games of all time, and it keeps getting better!   We received a press release this morning from the mad-scientists at Robot Entertainment that confirmed what we predicted a few weeks ago, the Orcs are stomping their way into the Hero Academy.  This means of course that everyone’s favorite green skinned barbarians weren’t all killed off during the tragic events of Robot’s last title, Orcs Must Die!  After reading a bit about their abilities, it appears as though the Orcs will be incredibly hard hitting and lethal at close range, as any good Orc should be.  Take a peek at the press release and let us know what army you’d like to see next! Me? I’d love to see an army of Robots, because, well… Robots are destined to take over the world.


PRESS RELEASE: With the introduction of the Tribe, this update expands the Hero Academy roster to four unique teams. Powerful and ruthless, the Tribe are aggressive warriors that are always on the attack.

The update will make available several new Tribe avatar packs and a Tribe-inspired playing field. The new field will be free to all players and features a new magical defense premium square as well as barbed crystals that can defend themselves! The update will be available soon via the App Store. Players who want to get their hands on the latest version of Hero Academy on iPad can visit Robot Entertainment at booth 1172 during Pax East, which runs from April 6th to 8th in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Tribe

The harsh wastelands are home to the Tribe, a loose federation of fierce warriors led by powerful chieftans. The Tribe lives for battle; when one member falls, his comrades are enraged.


  • ·         Warrior – Bred for battle, the ruthless warrior can instantly K.O. any enemy unit at or below 50% health.
  • ·         Axe Thrower – The axe thrower deals 100 extra damage to enemies above 50% health.
  • ·         Witch – Wielding dark magic, the witch explodes fallen heroes at range to damage nearby enemies.
  • ·         Shaman – The shaman is a master of the healing arts whose healing spells chain through multiplle allies, even heroes already at full health.
  • ·         Chieftan – Leading the Tribe into battle is a brutal AOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to attack distant enemies.

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  1. Scott

    This is looking great. I like the environmental hazards, I hope that in future revisions of this game there are some semi-random / environmental effects that keep games moving along… and keep certain players ::ahem:: from staying in total defense most of the time =)

    1. Ash

      I do play defensively eh? Fear the spear Scotty… FEAR THE SPEAR!

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