Total Recall Remake

Total Recall teaser trailer has 15 minutes of fame on the Internet


Well for a few moments today a video was floating about the intertubes for the Total Recall reboot. Yep, you heard that correctly. So there’s Colin Farrell strapped into that machine, ready to live out his wildest fantasies. And, in theory, we all know what happens next. Or, at least you’ll have to know, because the video is no longer available on YouTube as it was removed by the user (i.e. not really supposed to be there in the first place).

Being able only to watch the video once, it was difficult to see the ties between the original and remake given the amount of modern special effects eye candy in the teaser. But the reported story synopsis seems to suggest the plot staying close to the original. That being said, I don’t know that his movie needed a remake, it’s sort of good…. and bad, in a good way.

How could this remake possibly re-visit such priceless movie moments such as Quatto, the woman with three boobs, uncanny valley moments with the cab driver, or Arghnold’s lady-bomb disguise? (and more) In the words of R Kelly (in the words of Aziz Ansari) Woa-oh… ain’t nobody gonna top that shit, I’m out.


So did you see that teaser before it got shut down? Does Total Recall need a remake?

Personally, I’m still holding out for a remake of The Running Man.



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  1. Fluidfyre

    There is no way Total Recall needs a remake! I still watch the original, it’s still a really awesome movie. yeah some of the ‘tech’ might seem campy, but it’s… too good. I am always super wary of remakes.

    I’d be happier if studies just tried to create something NEW that was good instead!

    1. Scott

      Yes! I still watch Total Recall too. In this particular instance, I think that a pseudo-sequel or “spiritual successor” might have been a better angle than just a straight up remake, which this appears to be.

  2. Cohen

    With a little digging you can still find the clip. I just watched it and it looks fun… definitely something I would be interested in watching. But…why Total Recall. They could have just taken the plot, changed the names and a few little things and called it “Mind Expander: Time Flux Extension” and there would be no fuss.

  3. Ash

    This one time I stuck a coat hangar up my nose in order to do a reenactment of the scene where Arnold pulls out the freakishly large tracking device… I stretched my nose hole out so much that it bruised and turned black…. Total Recall

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