Erik Bauersfeld is Admiral Ackbar

Erik Bauersfeld is the voice of Admiral Ackbar and (Bib Fortuna). For me, he provided the voice to one of my fictional heroes. For him, it was all in a days work as part of an illustrious career. Peter Hartlaub sits down with Bauersfeld for a few minutes to talk about his involvement with Star Wars, his relationships with fans, and the fact that he still hasn’t seen the original film.


Embedded from (interviewer) Peter Hartlaub’s YouTube page. Follow Peter on Twitter @PeterHartlaub


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  1. Micah G

    On Matt’s “Give a shit” scale, I believe his guys gives exactly no shits about Star Wars haha

  2. Ash

    I still don’t know if “no shits” is better than “two shits” — Matt’s system needs clarification, or perhaps an article explaining the minutia of the “shits scale.”

  3. Scott

    You’d have to imagine that no one really gave shits about their involvement with Star Wars back in the day. People thought Lucas was crazy before the first film came out, and a lot of the people hired to do puppets, voices, etc were mostly seasoned professionals. Honestly, I’m not sure if Tim Rose gets it either, he just knows that fans like to meet him at conventions and goes with it, and I’m ok with that.

  4. Micah G

    If he uses my scale… “Not giving a shit” is equivalent to “Giving zero shits”, and indicates you care so little you would not be concerned in the slightest if the issue and all who are involved vanished from the earth. “I could give two shits” indicates slightly, very slightly, more interest.

    “Derek, I dont give two shits what Carmine brother skin you use this round.”

    “I give exactly zero shits about who wins the GOP nomination.”

    I hope this helps.

    1. matt

      This is exactly how it works.

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