Dragon Age II: Mark of The Assassin – Details From Bioware

Have to hand it to Bioware, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for information about their upcoming DLC, but Mark of The Assassin stealthed right past me.  Mark of the Assassin will feature an Elven assassin by the name of Tallis, voice and mo-capped by one very busy Felicia Day. While we’re all aware of Day’s relationship with Bioware due to the upcoming Dragon Age: Redemption web-series, this DAII DLC came as a total surprise (to me at least).

Felicia Day Stars as Tallis, an Elven Rogue with a unique set of abilities in The Mark of The Assassin DLC

Bioware just wrapped up a live Q+A on Bioware-TV and I figured I’d share some of the important details they spilled.

1) When does the DLC take place within Hawke’s story?
The DLC is a stand-alone story that can be started from any stage in Hawke’s story. Although it was mentioned that some future character interaction may be impacted.

2) How long to we get to keep the new character Tallis? Can we bring her into the main game?
Tallis will only be in your party for the Mark of The Assassin mission and will not join you on your main quest.

3) Is the DLC totally focused on Tallis? Or is there more to it?
There will be lots of new information about both the Orlesians and the Qunari.

4) Will Tallis have standard friendship and rivalry?
No, but how you interact with her does matter.

5) What is this about “stealth elements?”
Yep, there will be stealth elements unlike anything that has been done before in a Dragon Age game.

6) Will there be new enemies?
One of the new enemies mentioned were massive Wyverns who can’t fly. According to Laidlaw these wyverns compete with dragons for food and territory.

7) What are Mike Laidlaw’s favorite characters?
DA: O – Leliana, DA:2 – Isabella, specifically Isabella’s relationship with Avaline (amazing)

8 ) Is the story self-contained ?
Yes, it will have very little impact on social aspects of the main campaign.

9) Will Carver and Bethany be selectable?
Yes, and Carver has a “thing” for elves, should he be alive…

10) How long will it be?
Longer than Legacy

The Mark of the Assassin DLC sneaks its way onto your hard drive on October 11. Keep your eyes peeled for even more info coming soon.


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  1. Justin

    looks like i’m donating more money to bioware

  2. Ash

    It’s also coming out the same day as DA: Redemption – The gameplay footage looks nice!

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