Rated NA 35: A Masters Course In the English Language

Today we learn that we have no idea how to talk but we do anyways. We discuss Star Wars Blu-ray “improvements”, Team Bondi breakup, and follow up on PAX. We continue our discussion about Deus Ex, talk about Assassin’s Creed multiplayer beta, Ash’s acting debut in Homecoming, and the beginning of the DC 52. Then we take your twitter questions on what franchises deserve a comeback.

Rated NA 35

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  1. Micah G

    I answered what “franchise”, which I happen to like Ghostbusters. But, I was pointing out the fact a Ghostbusters game had been put out for the 360, although it wasn’t as big as it should have been. So good job calling a fan an idiot because you didn’t understand. Remind me not to sit through another hour of you moaning about smart phones.

    1. matt

      First of all sir, and I do mean sir. When I called you an idiot it was with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I maintain that the way the question was answered: “Ghostbusters. Although there was 360 title recently, it didn’t get the credit it deserved. Way better than shitty batman :)” It appears that you are asking for another game to be made. The movie is supposedly perpetually in the works, so who knows. I will of course take back my idiot comment due only to your stature and ask if you know of a Dr. capable of surgically removing my foot from my mouth.

      Also, I give you the gift of kittens:

  2. matt

    god damnit, it removed my kittens image…who runs this site?!? I DEMAND KITTENS:

  3. Justin

    Disagree hugely that Ghostbusters game was even remotely better than Batman: Arkham Asylum. While Ghostbusters was fun to play, visually and story telling wise, Batman had the one up all the way. And I’m a big fan of the Ghostbusters franchise.

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