Mass Effect 3: Early Look at Crabcat’s SDCC Garrus Costume

Sculpt by Neil Tambini


I’m full of terrible ideas (awesome Mr.T Mohawk, umbrella+skates+hurricane, and many many more). One Halloween I decided that I wanted to be “Teen Wolf“.  Knowing virtually nothing about making a proper-costume, I spent hours gluing pieces of an old chopped up wig all over my face.  The end result?  I ended up looking like a circus freak with a bizarre skin condition.  Holly Conrad and the folks over at are pretty damn good at making costumes. How good you ask?  They’re so good that their skills caught the attention of Bioware which later approached Crabcat to make all new Mass Effect costumes for Comic Con 2011.  Have a look at Crabcat’s Garrus sculpt by Neil Tambini and tell me that it isn’t incredible!

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