Nintendo 3ds Tienda Navegador Day 1 Princ

Nintendo 3DS update dated

Nintendo is currently reporting on their website that the update which enables the internet browser and eShop will arrive on June 6.

The full post states:

“A new system update for the hand-held Nintendo 3DS system will be available in North America the evening of June 6 Pacific time. By downloading the free update via a wireless broadband Internet connection, Nintendo 3DS users can enjoy new features and enhancements, including an Internet browser and access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can browse and purchase downloadable content.”

Now if we can get some novel games on the system, we’d be in business.


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  1. Micah G

    I don’t understand why I can still have a love for games like Ultima Online and Minecraft and still not find a place in my cold heart for handhelds.

  2. Scott

    I’m starting to think that handhelds, including phone games, boil down to a lifestyle choice — meaning, if you have a lot of free time but not at home, then handheld is the way to go. Alternatively, there would have to be a really compelling reason for me to pick up a handheld while I’m sitting around at home, having access to the tv.

    1. Ryan

      Enter the new Wii-successor’s controller… in-controller 3d cam = on tv ARG = drool….

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