FCBD 2009 REAL 22

Free Comic Book Day!


Alright everyone, tomorrow is free comic book day. I will be posting again about it in the morning, but this is a wonderful thing the comic industry does each year where they give out FREE COMICS. So how do you get it?

  • Go to your local comic shop (yep, even that one where the employees are positive they are better than you)
  • Walk inside
  • Get your free comics
  • Leave

Wait…what? Can that really be it? Yes. Yes that is all you have to do. Now this doesn’t mean walk in and pick up any comic in the shop and walk out, that would be stealing. Each dealer will have their own setup of how they are organizing this, but all the publishers distribute a set of comics that they would like to give away. They aren’t all top notch, but some are great intros into a series you may have otherwise ignored (cough cough)green lantern(cough cough). (I’m looking at the NA guys specifically).

So there you go, head down, support your local makers, pick up an indie while you’re at it. Get a trade, who cares, you will be given free comics regardless. Also, for the parents out there, shops generally have a few “perfect for the kids” kind of books too. So if you want a good reason to show your children a fun time and get them into reading, it’s what hooked me at a young age, than please head down to your local shop and support this AWESOME day! I mean seriously, when do you see “Free Movie Day” or “Free Video Games Day”, I’ll tell you when…never.

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  1. Ash

    I may actually go get a comic today!

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