Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon announces ad-supported kindle

How’s $25 off the regular price sound for a Kindle experience with ads?

Right there on the home page Amazon is announcing a $114 wi-fi kindle with screensaver ads. The language of the letter also suggests you might see ads at the bottom of a reading page (a la Android) The announcement mentions ad-tailoring options to help you get the most out of the experience, as well as the possibility for special offers from Amazon for gift cards and Audible books (also an Amazon company).  Check it out for yourself.

[amazon_link id=”B002Y27P3M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Kindle with “special offers” [/amazon_link]


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  1. Ryan

    Am I wrong in thinking they just shouldn’t charge at all for the ad supported version?

    This thing is going to be (close to) free soon, anyway, right?

  2. Ash

    I think that’s great! 25 bucks? Shoo’ I pay that much for my weekly supply of energy drinks.

  3. Ryan

    You did see that it was $25 off and not $25 total, right?

  4. Ash

    I was meaning that I pay…like…96 bucks for energy drinks.

  5. Ryan


    They _are_ military grade

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