E071 Wampa Rug

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We all know about Black Friday but what about some more unique gifts? Well I spent some time searching and curated a few lists for you. All of these come from our favorite nerdy/crafty sites.

If you’ve got more, or I missed something, then please add it in the comments. Hope you enjoy!

Here you go:

I'd Tap That - Penny Arcade

Etsy Treasury

Think Geek List

Penny Arcade Books

Penny Arcade Hadouken

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  1. Pilx

    I still want this…

    3D Printing…its as close to a replicator as you can get right now.

    1. matt

      I totally forgot to check through makerbot, I may need to amend the list.

    2. Micah G

      I was so confused what the hell that was… and now that I understand, it’s pretty much the best device ever. I wonder how difficult it is to make the object on your computer.

      1. Pilx

        Its all 3D modeling…so its as tough as you want to make it. I’m thinking of creating little dildos in the shapes of fun animals…girls love that stuff.

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