Xbox LIVE Rewards, free MS points

Got your eye on something special in the Xbox Marketplace?

Lazy Sunday, you’re cruising the Xbox Dashboard, maybe because you’re too lazy to start playing a game, just awake enough to not turn the console off. You think, “maybe I’ll mess with my Avatar.” That ugly holiday sweater looks nice, but 80 MS points?! That’s a dollar… I think. (QUICK ASIDE: just make it $1 = 100MS, you’re not fooling anyone, ok? I know the economy isn’t doing that great, but since when was the MS stronger than the USD, maybe the FED can get together with the little hamsters that make my Xbox go and get this sorted out.) Anyhow, 80 MS points?! Lucky for you, there’s now a easy, legit way to earn a few MS points for doing the things you do anyhow.

Enter Xbox Live Rewards. Log in with your LIVE ID and complete a short survey each month. You’ll get 20 MS points for your 30 seconds of trouble, making you one step closer to justifying that impulse avatar download. The website also describes other actions you can take that will earn you additional points. In these cases “additional” might be more accurately described as a rebate. For example, sign up for a gold family pack and receive 400 MS points. Not exactly enough for an HD movie purchase through Zune, but enough for some free DLC or maybe an Arcade title. Hell, TMNT Reshelled under 100MS over the holiday week, so there you go. There are only a couple of bummers: aside from taking the survey each month, there’s not much else you can do to earn points (although that may change in the future), and if you’re already a Netflix user, you’re not eligible for the 100 MS bonus through this site. But hey, it’s free, it’s easy, and it’s not one of those shady sites where you need to fork over your personal information and credit card information… Microsoft already has that anyhow, hah!


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  1. Pilx

    Man, a few days too late. I just renewed my xbox live account. Thats 200 points!

    The need to bring back 1vs100…free points (or at least the possibility for them) and trivia with 12 years olds. They should just have a game show channel you can subscribe to and play games with other people for points. Do it.

    1. Ash

      That’s a really good idea. I’d play trivia online all the time. I guess MS’s contract with 1 vs 100 expired.

    2. Scott

      I think if that strategy included some subtle marketing questions, then everyone would win.

  2. helloscientist

    I signed up for this a little while ago and have yet to see any MS points come my way.

    1. Scott

      I think I may have only earned 20 MS to this point, but its just too easy not to do it.

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