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Bulletstorm demo: I get it *updated*

Yep... it's good

Few games in recent years have generated as much “buzz” as Epic’s Bulletstorm. Mainly known for their overly aggro marketing campaign we all wondered if Bulletstorm could walk the walk, because it could sure talk the talk.

Much to the dismay of all the “haters” out there I must say that the Bulletstorm demo is a hell of a lot of fun. I found myself playing through the demo, not once, but five times in order to…well… “kill with skill.”

You see, in Bulletstorm it’s pretty hard to die. It seems space pirates are about 10 times tougher than COG marines. So staying alive isn’t even a concern. What you’re really trying to do is use the environment to maximize your points while inflicting as much carnage as possible. The demo gives you access to three of the weapons found within the campaign, all of which have an alternate “charged” fire that you can utilize to gib mutants to the max.

It’s really all about the creativity. Throw a dozen mutants into the air and call a high speed monorail to splat them into pudding.  Attach a flare to their crotch and kick them into a glorious abyss. The game is not meant to be taken seriously. I finally understand why they marketed it the way they did… You see, Epic is in on the joke.

So believe it or not I won’t be picking up Bulletstorm simply for the Gears 3 beta.  Not only was it fun, I found myself eager to get my hands on the full version.  Bulletstorm really has the capacity to be a nice new AAA IP.

Nice work.

*update* Cliff Blezinski clearly read our little write up…

realcliffyb Cliff Bleszinski

“We knew a certain % of people wouldn’t “get” the world and dialogue in Bulletstorm, and we’re ok with that. We still love you too, dicktits.”

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  1. matt

    Say what you want, I still picture a bunch of protein powder huffing jocks making video games at Epic, whether its true or not.

    1. Adam

      A bunch of protein powder huffing jocks who didn’t give you the ability to jump…so I know you will like that 🙂

  2. Ryan

    I didn’t realize the point was… points. Seems like an interesting take on the dead horse that is FPS’s. I will be checking this thing out.

    I refuse to believe, however, that EPIC is in on the joke. They probably love POWERTHIRST.

    1. Ash

      Snaaaaakkeeee eyessssss

  3. Beast_Mode

    i really enjoyed the demo. i dont care who makes it. this white boy is buying it.

  4. helloscientist

    I thought they were bad ass mercenaries from motherfuck town, not space pirates? I’m so not into the killz wit skillz thing, though I will be forking over my hard earned cash for this game. I couldn’t get too creative with the killz maybe I just don’t have the skillz……See what I did there? Anyway, I hope to see Ash and Beast Mode online!

    PS. You too Matt, but I assume you won’t be buying this since you hate underground aliens.

  5. Pilx

    I liked it but I foresee someone figuring out the supreme combo (not a tacobell menu item) that gets the most points and then everyone just doing that combo over and over.

  6. Adam

    I just got the demo and it’s a lot of fun. It seems like it would be a lot of fun too with a bunch of buddies online playing.

    Does kinda suck that there’s no jumping. I would think that would being a lot of potential for skill kills.

  7. Adam

    I don’t mean to post twice in a row, but it seems that this game too comes with a dose of Commander Shepard. Jennifer Hale is the voice of your female compatriot.

    1. Ash

      Nice find Pope.. I honestly don’t know how I missed that. I pretty much stalk Hale. Awesome!

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