Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: A Ghost and a Robot walk into a ________________.

Only 2 more spots remain on the roster. Only three weeks until release!

So two more fighters have been reveled for Capcom’s soon to be released brawler Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.  From Capcom’s now ancient fighting series Darkstakler’s we have fan-favorite Hsien-ko.  Hsien-Ko has a rather unique origin in that you’re not only playing as her, but her sister as well.  You see Hsien-Ko’s sister is actually that scroll you see flopping around on her hat. Does that make any sense, not really, but that sure doesn’t make her any less bad ass.  Check out this unique character in action.

Next up we have the much reviled Sentinel. The Sentinel was part of the much hated Storm/Magneto/Sentinel combo that professional players often played to win. That being said, the Sentinel is often viewed as “cheap” and “totally O.P.” As for his origins the Sentinels were built by a guy named Trask to capture an/or murder mutants because they were different. They’re sort of the KKK of the Marvel Comics universe. Check out this anti mutant racist in action.

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  1. Adam

    Okay Ash, you need a new nickname: Sentinel. After all, you are a mutant racist too

    Are you just going to use the standard 360 controller or are you going to pick up something special for the game?

    1. Ash

      haha – Ive been meaning to get a stick for ages, but I’ve gotten pretty good with the wired Capcom 6 button pad that came out with Street Fighter 4. If I can find a good stick that feels like an actual arcade stick, I’m in!

      1. Pilx

        What about…

        Or maybe you can mod out those old Dreamcast controllers you have…except you’d be missing buttons.

        1. Ash

          Sadly I sold those controllers a few years ago I think along with the Dreamcast and MVC2.

      2. Scott

        I think you can have them custom built to your specification. The SF4 sticks need a little more weight. What really weirded me out about them though is that the stick has a square gate (meaning the range of motion of the stick). I think most arcade sticks, especially for games this like this, have round gates.

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