3 Minutes: An awesome modern Star Wars short

3 Minutes!

Don’t have time to really go over this, as I’m walking out the door for work, but Amy Okuda tweeted this amazing video that I think should be shared. It’s only 3 minutes long.

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  1. Scott

    What is going on here, more episodes?

  2. Ash

    I just got home from work and am about to do some digging on it. I really thought it was well done.

  3. helloscientist

    When did Lara Croft become a Jedi?

  4. Ash

    I think this is some sort of parallel universe where video games and pop culture go to battle it out. And the old guy is sort of like Palpatine searching for a new Sith apprentice.

  5. Madson

    Jen and I love Glee and SYTYCD so this was right up my alley. I liked it but I don’t think there is a lot of room for more though.

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