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Theremin issue #1: from scientist to super-spy in a wave of the hand

Theremin_01.indd Wait what’s going on here… a Comic review? Shouldn’t Matt be doing this? I didn’t even know Scott could read!

Well for your information I’ve been interested in try to pick up a few comics here and there, but I’m not so much into the super hero thing. But, while I was browsing a certain digital comics storefront something caught my eye: THEREMIN… what?! And now a non-comic reader’s review of a comic.

Full disclosure, I own a Theremin, I’ve watched the documentary about Leon Theremin and Clara Rockmore, who I’m convinced is the only person that can actually play the damn thing… and come on, Rock-more. Anyhow, the cover depicts our favorite Russian scientist-inventor standing tall against the backdrop of the Kremlin and the night sky.

And what’s this? He’s holding what looks like a space laser, correction, retrofuturistic ray gun. Let me stop me right there. Sold.

Theremin_01.inddIndeed, Theremin issue #1, written by Curt Pires and art by Dalton Rose, tells the story of the inventor-turned-super-spy’s journey through space time. Thanks, of course to his trusty musical, but not actually intended to be, invention he finds the time between time. The use of silhouettes and color-hues go hand in hand with the non-linear, spy-fuled storytelling.

It’s totally plausible, since the real Theremin pretty much fell off the face of the Earth for a number of years… or did he fall off the face of time? I’ll let you decide. So let see: science, analog instruments, spy stuff… check. Yep, I think I’m on board. Check out Theremin #1 published by MonkeyBrain comics.

Theremin at MonkeyBrain Comics

Theremin at ComiXology



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