Rated NA 95: A Pirate’s Life


Miellyn Barrows drops in, shenanigans ensue, and we look forward to PAX East. Assassin’s Creed has gone pirate, Mass Effect gets a Reckoning, Dead Space 3 gets spoilery, and The Bridge melts minds. Finally, you tell us your essential items for a plague free convention season in our NAQOTW. Ahoy!

Rated NA 95


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Jesse

    Scott – what class you doing your insanity playthrough with?? I’m doing mine as my one and only ManShep as Paragade Sentinel (all other sheps are FemSheps, obvious reasons).

    1. Scott

      I took it all the way back to my original FemShep Paragon Vanguard. I needed the lvl 60 and Krogan squadmember achievements too. She’s spec’d for total defense and everyone is equipped with sledgehammer rounds to knock enemies down and slow the rush of husks and creepers. Requires a bit of patience, but still tons of fun thus far. Good luck!

      1. Jesse

        Nice plan there. I didn’t mention that I’m doing mine with a vanilla character, did I? So I’m currently stuck trying to beat the Krogan Warlord and rescuing Liara – this for me is still THE hardest fight in all of ME Trilogy – even if you take out all the Geth with him, once he starts charging you, you’re stuffed. And if you do knock him down, the bugger regens and gets right back up. Saren is a breeze compared to this guy.

        1. Scott

          Very true. And oddly enough I just wrote an article about Mass 1 before reading this where I talk about exactly that. When I couldn’t Lift the Krogan, I Warped instead, which I found to be the next best thing to slow down the health regen. You may wind up just running around hoping your squad will slow him down, it’s rough.

          Even NG+ on Hard (lvl ~35 to 59) that fight was tough for the reasons you mentioned… and just wait until you are fighting multiple Krogan later in the game. Best of luck Jesse!

  2. Fluidfyre

    Oh my god my Skyrim husband disappeared after the wedding too! My head-canon was that I went on a bender after the wedding (there was that quest where you get drunk and black out, I hit this right after my wedding lol) and he thought she was dead or something.

    1. miellyn

      YES! I love your head-cannon for this as well as your alt title. <3

    2. Scott

      I love it. Where were you when I was struggling to name this one? lol

  3. Carlo

    Brought up good memories of ‘Def Jam: Fight for NY’ on the PS2, Henry Rollins is a playable character. Good times.

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