Rated NA 77: Husband Swap!

Today we talk about the exit of Cliffy B, Fallout…MMO?, Mass Effect 3 Retaliation, and a new web series for some indie game called Halo 4. We review the new Resident Evil 6, Looper and revisit an old stand by in Lost. Finally we close it out with your NAQOTW’s for US (What a twist!). Did I mention that we have Nate Hales from Press 2 Reset and Reset Transmission as a guest in Scott’s absence? Well we do, and he’s awesome. As always, thank you to Jimmy Hinson (@biggiantcircles) for supplying the best theme song in the biz.


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  1. mattna

    the picture makes me uncomfortable in my no no area.

  2. Scott

    Bummed I couldn’t be there, hilarious episode! Even got many lols out of Jen!

  3. Fluidfyre

    Butt rub – always better.

  4. RinuCZ

    Ha, I finally had a time to listen to the whole podcast! Thanks. I haven’t seen or played a majority of stuff you mentioned, so it was always like listening to a bunch of chatty colleagues discussing new TV series (= relaxing & entertaining) :).

    And Hilary pronounced my nick pretty well ;). It has Czech spelling (I’m Czech); just take any Japanese name written similarly and you get the pronunciation. Off the record, I think I tend to talk about everything, so no big secret hidden in my closet too. Or the darkest one just slipped my mind… Dunno.

    1. Ash

      Thanks man!

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