Questions for Amy Acker? She’s Joining Us On Rated NA 81!

Why she agreed to be on our podcast, i’ll never know..

We couldn’t be more excited to let you all know that we’ll be joined on Rated NA 81 by actress Amy Acker!  For those of you who are fans of  Mr. Joss Whedon (who isn’t these days?) you probably recognize Amy from her starring roles in Angel and Dollhouse.  We’ve been massive fans of Amy’s work for ages now and are looking forward to probing her mind and hanging out.  If you have any questions you’d like to ask Amy about any of her projects, from Angel to the upcoming Much Ado About Nothing, simply drop a question in the comments below.  This should be a good one gang!

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  1. justin

    Was she hoping that her character Fred in Angel would mount a comeback at the end of the series or was she happy with the sendoff Fred received?

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