Terrible Twos? Celebrating Two Years of Nerd Appropriate

This month, Nerd Appropriate celebrated its second birthday.  Two years ago we set out to create a website to highlight all of the stuff we love, from video games and film, to tabletop gaming and tech.  I still remember sitting around Scott’s den two years ago brainstorming ideas about how to get started and what the heck to call ourselves.  After a shit ton of terrible name ideas, mostly mine, we settled on Nerd Appropriate.  It was Matt’s idea to start a podcast, and to be honest it’s not something I ever thought we’d be able to keep up with.  Two years, and 82 episodes later, we’re still plugging away with new episodes of Rated NA available almost each and every Tuesday.  Podcasting has become something I enjoy, and the fact that I get to talk about the stuff I love with people I truly respect, admire, and appreciate, is just awesome.  In all honesty, everyone should start a podcast…It’s like therapy.

The Truth: If you’ve ever wondered what we all “do” here at the site, i’ll spill the beans.  Long ago we met for breakfast to work out some of the details of our LLC (yes, we’re legit).  After some deliberation we decided that Matt would handle web design, development, and tech (which is what he does for a living),  while Scott and I split up editing and PR duties respectively.  Earlier this year we were joined by Hilary who started out as a guest and simply never left. Creating content for NA is a great gig with no deadlines, no rules, and no pressure other than the pressure that we create for ourselves.  It really is optimal in every way possible.

What We Learned: In the beginning just getting folks to talk to our site was a real challenge.  I’m not kidding when I say that dozens upon dozens of emails went unanswered.   And while it was discouraging at first, it taught me patience.  The folks at Penny Arcade gave NA our first legitimate press pass and our bad luck ended at PAX: East 2010.  It was at PAX we learned the basic rules of game journalism, be honest, be humble, and above all else, don’t be a dick.  Using this secret formula things started happening for us, and people started paying attention.  So why the heck do we do this?  I can only speak for myself when I say that I work on the site because I love this stuff, and I really love that YOU love this stuff.

Thank you SO MUCH for sticking around, you guys are the best.  And like it our not we’ll be here for a long time to come.


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  1. bill

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Ash

      Thanks Bill. Much appreciated.

  2. mattna

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    1. Ash

      Thanks brosef.

  3. RinuCZ

    Happy anniversary! Your podcasts are like a therapy of optimism filled with content I can mostly relate to. I hope your enthusiasm will last another decade or two ;).

    1. Ash

      Thanks SO much! We have no intention of stopping any time soon.

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