So We Have This Podcast…

While I sit here in the hotel room waiting for the rest of the crew to stop snoring (it’s really amazing.. I should record it) and get ready, I figured I’d let some of our new followers know a wee bit about our podcast Rated NA.  We’ve been recording The Rated NA Podcast for nearly two years and still love doing it *almost* each and every week.  Scott, Matt, Hilary and myself (Ash) record the podcast from New York, Los Angeles, and Orlando respectively, and our lovable Scott then takes the raw audio and edits it down to around 90 minutes of nerdy fun.  If you’re looking for some real conversation about games, television, pop-culture, cons, and tech, check us out!  Oh yeah, our intro tune was created for us by Mass Effect Composer Big Giant Circles, and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

Rated NA on iTunes – 66 eps

Rated NA 50 – A great intro