Can we Save the Republique? Kickstart Innovation on the iOS!

With only a few days left in their Kickstarter campaign Republique by Camoflaj and Logan still needs our help to get funded.  By now I’m sure you’ve heard, “crowd funding” is all the rage, but are people already growing tired (or too poor) to help out the growing number of industry underdogs?  Republique is being designed from the ground up to be a AAA stealth adventure game for the iOS, PC, and MAC.  Unlike most stealth titles, Republique is heavy on character relationships and interaction, and boasts a very strict “no killing” policy.  Has there every been a stealth title with no killing? As far as their drive and determination, I’m always impressed when developers set out to create something brand new that’s never been attempted in the past.  Without change and innovation, our industry will never advance.  When completed, Republique will have characters voiced by the great Jennifer Hale and David Hayter, and will boast an impressive six hour campaign .  Now, why do I care about this project?  It reeks of passion, that’s why.   Camoflaj studios was created with the specific goal of bringing a AAA experience to mobile devices and I want to see them pull it off.  Donate HERE.