Phantoms Be Gone! Operation Exorcist a Success (ME3:MP)

The drop ship was in site and we had less than 30 seconds to get on board before our operation was a complete failure. Tasked with the elimination of Cerberus Phantoms, we met heavy resistance and were struggling to get out alive. After fighting for what seemed like forever (or 30 mins), our team frantically sprinted toward our lingering salvation. Seconds before extraction, our Salarain engineer Yummo Jundomo was ambushed by a phantom, one of the very targets we were sent to eliminate. Before the Jundomo could even react, the phantom’s blade pierced his shields and armor killing him instantly. Knowing he was gone, we boarded the drop ship and said goodbye… *weep*

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is just a ton of fun. Even months after release I find myself itching for more MP mayhem. What keeps pulling me back in? Customization, guns, and those addicting bi-monthly operations! If you participated in last weekend’s Operation Exorcist, you’ll probably have some nice treats waiting for you when you decide to long in. Nice work!


From: Admiral Steven Hackett
Re: Operation EXORCIST
Confidentiality Classification: XB-PRIME
Distribution: N7 Forces Only

Soldiers of the Milky Way –

It is with great pride that I announce that we stopped a galaxy-wide Cerberus offensive. They expected surprise and speed to be on their side. They had neither, and they quickly discovered who had the superior force. You thinned their ranks and made our command and control structures safer. Since no small number of my colleagues were their targets, I offer my personal thanks.

When an assassin dies, his target lives. When thousands of assassins die, their leadership loses a major strategic option. That is the blow you have dealt. It will take Cerberus time to recover from losing their elite Phantom soldiers, time we do not intend to give them. Captured Phantoms are being interrogated to help us crack down on more Cerberus cells and sleeper agents. The intelligence we won today will be critical in the battles we face tomorrow.

Regrettably, we cannot stomp Cerberus out all at once, not yet. Our primary focus must be on the Reapers. But had we not won today, we would be hard-pressed to defend our colonies and homeworlds. That means everything to the friends, families, and fellow citizens for whom we are fighting.

Good work.

–Admiral Hackett

Congratulations on another successful N7 Operation!

Victory Packs and Commendation Packs will arrive no later than Thursday, May 3rd. Make sure to redeem them and prepare for battle. We’re currently planning our course of action for the next N7 operation – stay tuned to the comms for more information on the next N7 operation.