Star Wars: Underworld – Upcoming Live Action Star Wars Series Detailed!

The good folks at AICN had some incredible information about the forever-in-limbo live action Star Wars series. Here is what we know now thanks to the video below. The live action series will be called Star Wars: Underworld and will apparently focus on the seedy underbelly of the outer rim at the height of the Empire’s power. According what we’ve been hearing the series will take place between episode 3 and 4 while Luke and Leia are still suffering from acne and Alderanean dating dilemmas. What this also means is that we’ll probably get to see a lot of familiar faces, including one perpetually pissed off Darth Vader (force choke!). According to legend, over 50 episodes of the series have already been written and are just waiting for the right opportunity to get rolling!

You'll never find a..... you know the rest

Producer Rick McCallum – “They take place between episode 3 and 4, that 20 year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is really try to take (control). It’s called “Underworld”, that’s the working title. It’s the criminals and the gangs running (everything), you know, like Wall-street”

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