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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, from Apple.com main page

While some of you may know me as the Google Fanboy and many of you have heard us endlessly whine and complain about smart phones and technology on the podcast, the truth of the matter is I’m a technophile. I love reading, talking and espousing my opinions on all things technology, and today that world lost one of its brightest. Steve Jobs was a polarizing figure in the way he spoke about Apple and the products they created. The reason was, he was so damn passionate about it, you either live in an Apple world or you don’t. The reality is that nothing I do right now would be the way it is without him. I do web development and work on the gorgeous piece of industrial design that is the iMac. I design for mobile interfaces because of the iPhone and iPad. Hell, I do most of my work developing in Chrome, and while that is a Google product, it is based off of Webkit, the innards that run Safari that Apple created. I write a blog on my Macbook everyday and record in Garage Band. We market our podcast on iTunes. I talk on my smartphone and use it for nearly everything from music to GPS to winning and losing arguments. His mark has permeated many aspects of my life.

Steve jobs saw a future in things that most of us didn’t have the foresight to know would ever be important. He molded and created markets that were never considered viable until he entered them. When Steve Jobs announced something new, it was watched with rapt attention. Everyone knowing full well that as much as we may not like (or love) it at times, he was probably going to be right. Whether it be the computer, the phone, the web or even the movie industry, Steve Jobs has left a legacy that will most likely go unmatched. He was an innovator, a salesman, and from everything I’ve read a 100% genuine person and I can say for a fact that no matter how frustrated or one sided I may be with technology sometimes, he made my life better just by being alive.

Remembering Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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