In a World Without the Web

When was the last time you went a few days with no cell-phone, no Facebook, no Twitter and no internet?

I’ve determined that I’ve become incredibly reliant on technology. For those wondering why NA hasn’t updated in a few days… blame the interwebs! Prior to heading to madness that is Comic Con next week I’m spending about a week up in the mountains visiting family and relaxing. Normally our internet and cellular service is solid, but the other day something happened to the ONE tower in town; and, just like that, no cellular service, no land-line, and no internet. Things are back to normal now, but I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know NA is still kicking. I do have to say it was odd not having ANY sort of connection to the outside world. Some people claim that it’s “freeing”, but I just found it sort of annoying.



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  1. Scott

    just think of it as a forced technology vacation.

  2. Ash

    It’s the “forced” part I wasn’t too fond of.

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