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Check out Sony’s E3 on… ahem… PSN

A recent post to the Sony Playstation Blog notes that fans will be able to “experience” E3 from PlayStation Home. This seems important for a couple of reasons: Sony is ready to welcome back gamers, presumably en masse, to their online services. Second, it also means that more of Sony’s services will be restored by the time E3 rolls around — certainty a wise strategic move in order to put all of that nasty mess behind you and focus gamers on new hotness. And as long as were talking about new hotness — how about native support for Amazon VOD, just saying. We all know it’s never coming to XBox as long as you can buy movies through Zune, and if you want to give non-gamers a compelling reason to buy a PS3 other than blu-ray, this might be it… just a tip… you know, from a friendly consumer.

In the meantime, let’s see what happens when everyone tries to download their free games simultaneously. Either way, competition is good for consumers, so welcome back. Read the full post here.


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