Resident Evil: 15th Anniversary video (breakdown!)

Happy 15th birthday RE!

Has it really been 15 years? Love it or hate it Resident Evil is a very special franchise having single handedly created a new genre of game “survival horror“. Resident Evil was also arguably the first game to heavily feature zombies. Since its release 15 years ago there have been dozens of clones, over 20 Resident Evil titles (including mobile games), and more games featuring zombies than I can count. What makes Resident Evil special? Great heroes, diabolical villains, evil corporations, kung fu, colossal boss fights, and… Oh yeah, the simple fact that original games were damn scary. We’ve covered a lot of Resident Evil on, so forgive me If I sound repetitive on occasion; I love the series for what it was, as well as what it has the potential to one day be again. Check out this video released by Capcom highlighting some great moments from the past 15 years of Resident Evil. There are even a few clips from upcoming unreleased Resident Evil titles. Happy birthday RE!






Who the hell are all those people and events? No problem, I got you covered

0:13 – The nuclear destruction of Raccoon City – RE1

0:22 – Chris Redfield in Africa – RE5 – 360/PS3

0:24 – Brad “Chickenheart” Vickers and Jill Valentine – RE3 – PS1

0:26 – Nemesis – RE3 – PS1

0:36 – Hunk – Resident Evil: Mercenaries – Nintendo 3DS

0:39 – Leon S. Kennedy – RE4 – Nintendo Gamecube/ PS2 / and Wii

0:44 – Claire Redfield – RE: The Mercenaries – Nintendo 3DS

0:57 – Alexia Ashford – RE: Code Veronica HD – 360/PS3

0:58 – Steve Burnside – RE: Code Veronica HD – 360/PS3

1:13 – Krauser – RE4 HD – 360/PS3

1:26 – Chris Redfield – Resident Evil: Revelations – Nintendo 3DS

1:32 – Jill Valentine – Resident Evil: Revelations – Nintendo 3DS

2:04 – Spectre – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – 360/PS3

2:06 – MR.X – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – 360/PS3