Half as Long Twice as Bright: Infamous 2 Trailer

It’s almost time for me to dust off my PS3.  Infamous 2 drops June 6th and is looking …well... super.  While I enjoyed Sucker Punch’s Infamous, I felt as though the narrative was a bit sloppy and the final act was a big let-down.  Infamous 2 appears to have ditched some of its “comic-book” roots and now looks a bit more like a grown up Rockstar game only with super heroes instead of cowboys and gangsters. Are you ready to return to the sandbox? New powers, a new city, old friends… this looks to be a good time! Check out this trailer!


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  1. helloscientist

    I’m excited for this one. Even more so since summer is usually so slow with game releases.

  2. Ash

    This trailer makes it look great. You couldn’t really deny that the first one was a blast to play… the addition of new powers and a better narrative could make this amazing.

    1. helloscientist

      I did enjoy the first a lot. I started a second playthrough as an evil Cole to see if anything really changed. I just got Prototype and it is very similar to inFamous mixed with a little GTA.

      1. Ash

        You know, I rented Prototype for 3 months and never opened the Gamefly envelope. I have really really want to play a “sandbox” game…

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