Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – Free DLC – challenge mode review

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 released a bit of free DLC yesterday, Challenge Mode.  Challenge mode doesn’t need to be selected for downloaded, and will automatically install itself when you connect your copy MVC3 to the internet.


So what is it?

Challenge mode ads 17 new “challenges” for the player to complete, ranging from easy, to near impossible.  For example, I completed the “beat arcade mode with smaller life bars” challenge, but also saw impossible challenges like “beat arcade mode without using any supers” and “beat arcade mode only using only team air combos“.  Does anyone actually WANT to participate in something so painful?  Clearly some of these challenges are only for MVC super-fans.  There are no achievements that can be earned from challenge mode, but you can earn new titles, cards, and other in game goodies.

Since you don’t have an option, go ahead and download Challenge mode. Let us know if you complete all 17 challenges. If you do, you’re crazy, and we salute you.


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