Dragon Age 2: Demo and rewards

The demo for Dragon Age 2 dropped today much to the joy of RPG fans everywhere. Check out this mini review.


General: You don’t need to play DA:O (Origins) to enjoy DA:2.  While it would definitely behoove you to have played DA:O, it does a great job of capturing the vibe of the universe.

The Gameplay: So much fun now.  There are no more “auto attacks”.  Each stroke of the blade, or volley of arrows is controlled by the player, and while you still can issue tactical commands to your “squad” I had fun blasting the hell out of everything with fireballs on my own.

The Graphics: Much more stylized and beautiful.  Check out the incredible design on Flemeth’s armor (above).  It’s great.

Bonus: If you play the demo you can unlock some free items when the game is finally released on March 8th.  Also if the community downloads 1,000,000 copies of the demo more items will be released to all players for free as a gift.  Spread the word! I want those items!