Miranda Chuck

Chuck finally gives a nod to Mass Effect 2 *fixed*

I love a good suicide mission

The actors on Chuck are gamers, both on the the show and off. Both Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez use their celebrity status to infiltrate gaming conventions and studios alike. Two of the other actors on Chuck also played major roles in one of our favorite games of all time Mass Effect 2. In Mass Effect 2 Yvonne Strahovski played the role of Miranda Lawson, a powerful biotic and potential love interest for Commander Shepard (should he have the skills to warm her icy heart). On Chuck however, Yvonne normally looks nothing like her Mass Effect 2 Character Miranda. That is of course until now. Recently Yvonne’s character Sarah has been forced to go under cover to infiltrate the “bad guys”. Her look is remarkably similar to that of Mass Effect 2’s Miranda. So much so, that the writers and producers decided to throw in a line about a certain “suicide mission”. The line is near the end of the clip.

Oh yeah, and if you’re not watching Chuck you’re missing one of the most enjoyable action/comedies in years.