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Open Thread: Booty Count

"Booty Count... see what I did there"

Holiday booty that is!  Since my brothers in nerdery are in the process of moving to a new lair and/or stalking Kristen Bell or something, I figured I’d keep the dream alive and continue my mad holiday posting spree.  What else am I supposed to do with 17 days off? Because it’s always fun to discuss what you got for the holidays, let’s make some more damn lists.

Stuff I got

  1. Alien Box Set on Blu Ray – Going to Marathon these soon if anyone wants in.
  2. Dollhouse Season 2 on Blu Ray – Never caught the end of this series, now I get to (Felicia Day!).
  3. Turtle Beach Headset (Sounds great!)
  4. Book: Plague of the Dead by Z.A. Recht – I always get books about zombies and never complain.  I have a pretty massive collection.

I also gave the gift of Kinect to the wife along with Dance Central, but Christinabot is too busy playing Dragon Age:Origins to plug it in.  (seriously she just played for 24 hours straight … so proud)

So did you get anything cool this holiday season?  Let’s discuss!

  • Aliens marathon? Count me in!

    Didn’t get anything cool, but I did marathon Mad Max, Road Warrior….then turned on Beyond Thunderdome and had to turn it off before I ruined the last few brain cells I had left.

    Any other movie marathon suggestions?

    • Ash

      Jackie, much respect for your Mad Max-athon. I hadn’t seen Thunderdome since I was a little kid and was surprised at how good it still is. I’ll let you know when we are watching some Alien goodness!

      As for marathon suggestions.. I’d love to do a Jim Henson night and watch Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and maybe Mirrormask.

  • I’m always down for an Alien Marathon but I won’t be sticking around for Resurrection – as far as I’m concerned you could leave that one in Bay 12 forever.

    I just finished my own V Mars marathon though – Kristen Bell is so hot.

    • Ash

      I jumped on the Veronica Mars train long after it was off the air, but I love the series. I actually never finished the third season for some reason. Need to finish it, because it’s great.

  • I got the essential Thomas Keller: French Laundry and Ad Hoc at home.

    I wish you would accept me and be excited for my other gifts. Like 2pac and dr dre beer glasses.

    Oh, we did get a puzzle of a red dragon that causes women to miscarry. So theres that.

    • Pilx

      I will confirm that the red dragon does indeed force the ladies to miscarry…it says so on the box.

  • Pilx

    Microsoft HD-5000 Webcam
    5lb Gummy Bear (9000+ Calories)
    Jew themed boxer/briefs and pint glass
    2D Wooden Garden Gnome
    Sci-Fi handheld Sound Effects
    Grey Sweater/Hoodie
    A handful of giftcards I threw to the new Dell i7 XPS-8100

    …now thats a list.

    • Ash

      You got some epic loot! That gummy bear is quite disgusting though. We should write an article that documents you eating it in one sitting.

      • Pilx

        Jen has been documenting with pictures. I’ve only had 2 sessions with the beast. One sitting would not be good at all.

  • Madson

    Last Night on Earth (aforementioned board game)
    Battlefield Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition

    I bought my 16 month old the Red box for xmas.

    • Ash

      I saw that game the other day and was very tempted to give it a shot. Also, very excited that you got BFBC:2. Look for us online and will drive choppers into people… good times… good times…

  • The only thing “Nerd Appropriate” that I received was a Darth Vader spatula. But I think that’s nerdy enough to compensate for the lack of quantity.

  • Micah G

    I am now “Kinected.” Other loot were clothes and a bike rack… which excites me more then I would like to admit. And yes, I love Dance Central haha.

    • Ash

      Got the Kinect for Christinabot as well. She is planning on rump shaking till dawn one of these days.