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Open Thread: Booty Count

"Booty Count... see what I did there"

Holiday booty that is!  Since my brothers in nerdery are in the process of moving to a new lair and/or stalking Kristen Bell or something, I figured I’d keep the dream alive and continue my mad holiday posting spree.  What else am I supposed to do with 17 days off? Because it’s always fun to discuss what you got for the holidays, let’s make some more damn lists.

Stuff I got

  1. Alien Box Set on Blu Ray – Going to Marathon these soon if anyone wants in.
  2. Dollhouse Season 2 on Blu Ray – Never caught the end of this series, now I get to (Felicia Day!).
  3. Turtle Beach Headset (Sounds great!)
  4. Book: Plague of the Dead by Z.A. Recht – I always get books about zombies and never complain.  I have a pretty massive collection.

I also gave the gift of Kinect to the wife along with Dance Central, but Christinabot is too busy playing Dragon Age:Origins to plug it in.  (seriously she just played for 24 hours straight … so proud)

So did you get anything cool this holiday season?  Let’s discuss!

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  1. Jackie

    Aliens marathon? Count me in!

    Didn’t get anything cool, but I did marathon Mad Max, Road Warrior….then turned on Beyond Thunderdome and had to turn it off before I ruined the last few brain cells I had left.

    Any other movie marathon suggestions?

    1. Ash

      Jackie, much respect for your Mad Max-athon. I hadn’t seen Thunderdome since I was a little kid and was surprised at how good it still is. I’ll let you know when we are watching some Alien goodness!

      As for marathon suggestions.. I’d love to do a Jim Henson night and watch Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and maybe Mirrormask.

  2. haleyxvader

    I’m always down for an Alien Marathon but I won’t be sticking around for Resurrection – as far as I’m concerned you could leave that one in Bay 12 forever.

    I just finished my own V Mars marathon though – Kristen Bell is so hot.

    1. Ash

      I jumped on the Veronica Mars train long after it was off the air, but I love the series. I actually never finished the third season for some reason. Need to finish it, because it’s great.

  3. Beast_Mode

    I got the essential Thomas Keller: French Laundry and Ad Hoc at home.

    I wish you would accept me and be excited for my other gifts. Like 2pac and dr dre beer glasses.

    Oh, we did get a puzzle of a red dragon that causes women to miscarry. So theres that.

    1. Pilx

      I will confirm that the red dragon does indeed force the ladies to miscarry…it says so on the box.

  4. Pilx

    Microsoft HD-5000 Webcam
    5lb Gummy Bear (9000+ Calories)
    Jew themed boxer/briefs and pint glass
    2D Wooden Garden Gnome
    Sci-Fi handheld Sound Effects
    Grey Sweater/Hoodie
    A handful of giftcards I threw to the new Dell i7 XPS-8100

    …now thats a list.

    1. Ash

      You got some epic loot! That gummy bear is quite disgusting though. We should write an article that documents you eating it in one sitting.

      1. Pilx

        Jen has been documenting with pictures. I’ve only had 2 sessions with the beast. One sitting would not be good at all.

  5. Madson

    Last Night on Earth (aforementioned board game)
    Battlefield Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition

    I bought my 16 month old the Red box for xmas.

    1. Ash

      I saw that game the other day and was very tempted to give it a shot. Also, very excited that you got BFBC:2. Look for us online and will drive choppers into people… good times… good times…

  6. Ryan

    The only thing “Nerd Appropriate” that I received was a Darth Vader spatula. But I think that’s nerdy enough to compensate for the lack of quantity.

  7. Micah G

    I am now “Kinected.” Other loot were clothes and a bike rack… which excites me more then I would like to admit. And yes, I love Dance Central haha.

    1. Ash

      Got the Kinect for Christinabot as well. She is planning on rump shaking till dawn one of these days.

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