New Years

Thank you and happy “nerd year!”

Droppin' Balls

We here at Nerd Appropriate would like to extend a massive “Thank You” and internet fist bump to everyone out there that makes this site worth doing.  To those of you that read our silly posts, listen to our podcasts, leave comments and make great conversation, we salute you!  Your support means more to us than you could possibly realize.

Now for some business.  Although we technically launched in mid November, already our fledgling site has been visited by thousands of unique people from all over the U.S.  We’ve recorded 10 podcasts, 8 of which are currently available for free on Itunes (you can also subscribe on Zune).  We started live streaming our podcasts (via UStream) so that you can join in on the conversation no matter where you may be at the time.

Keep in mind the three of us that are “Nerd Appropriate” are still juggling our families, full time careers, and additions while we operate the site on the side.  It’s a labor of love (lust?), and something we’re doing simply because we feel strongly compelled to do so.

So what’s in store for 2011?

We had a meeting this morning and mapped out a ton of content for the month of January alone.  I think you all are in for some new and interesting content that’ll keep you entertained enough to make you stick around.

Some great interviews are in the works with people we find “Nerd Appropriate”.  Soon we’ll have an all new “face” to the site, as well as a gang of new contributing writers for 2011.  It’s going to be an awesome “nerdyear”.

What can you do to help?  You guys have already done SO much, but our one wish is a simple one.  Mention the site to someone you know that might enjoy it. “Like” us on Facebook.  Retweet an article you think is decent.  Spread the word if you will.

Thanks again,

– Ash

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  1. Scott

    I second that. It’s been a crazy 2010, and 2011 is not going to let up. Thanks to all of our friends, families, and supporters for making Nerd Appropriate possible.

  2. Ash

    Despite my kind words someone “unliked” us today on Facebook. Must have been something I said. haha.

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