UNC-TV Breaks Down The Gaming Industry.

UNC-TV breaks down the gaming industry.

I originally watched this clip over at Kotaku just to see some new footage of Gears 3, but what I discovered was that this clip was actually a very well produced segment on how the video game industry operates. It also goes into detail on where the major U.S. players reside, how much games really cost to produce as well as the manpower needed to produce a “AAA” title.

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Do Video Games Need “Hype Men”?

Do video games need “Hype Men”?

In recent years some developers have taken it upon themselves to become “Hype men” for their respective companies. Now let’s get one thing straight, if I worked on a AAA title that looked like Bulletstorm, you bet I would hype the living hell out of it. The question however is, have the devs over at Epic and People Can Fly gone too far? Is this latest “hype” filled video for Bulletstorm dumbing down the talent of some amazing artists and programmers?

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Gears Of War 2: 12 Days Of Gearsmas Event!

Gears of War 2: 12 days of Gearsmas event!

Horde mode is a blast, nobody can argue with that. Love or hate Gears of War, horde mode is nothing short of genius. Epic Games continues to award its fans with special events that alter the game-play and make old adventures feel new. This holiday season let us celebrate with the merry sounds of grunting and evisceration, let us celebrate the 12 days of Gearsmas.

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