Rated NA 268: Not So Funny ol’ Gus (Star Wars Celebration 2017 – Pre Show)

Ash, Scott, and Matt talk more about Mass Effect Andromeda, review Snake Pass (console/PC) and Ticket to Earth (mobile), and get hyped for Star Wars Celebration!

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Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. James Dominguez

    Hey guys, thanks for chatting about Ticket to Earth!

    I work for the PR company that’s been helping spread the word about it, and I just wanted to clarify something in your podcast. Both the iOS and upcoming Steam release include all subsequent episodes in the initial purchase. There’s been a bit of confusion about this so i think maybe our messaging was a little muddled. Sorry about that! Think of your episode 1 purchase as a Telltale-style “season pass” that gets you ep 1 now and all three of the upcoming episodes as they are released.

    Ep 2 is coming soon and I am SO excited about it. Totally different look with a very different colour palette, new music, new playable characters, new enemies, and even a whole new mechanic to customise your game (because there weren’t enough of those already). I hit 100% on my iPad weeks ago so I’m very keen for episode 2 to arrive. PC release is first (date still to be nailed down, but it LOOKS like mid to late June) and episode 2 will follow fairly soon after.

    If you’d like a Steam key or two for the PC edition when they’re available, please let me know!

    – James

    1. James Dominguez

      p.s. Please email me directly if you’d like Steam keys. I never check my Disqus messages. 😛

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