Comic-Con 2012: NA Comic-Con Mode Activate!

*Takes a big deep breath* Do you smell that?  That’s the smell of adventure, sweat, and 125,000 superfans in the same place at the same time! With Comic-Con only a week away, it’s time to transform into your favorite pit stop for Comic-Con news and nerdery.  Not only will we be providing you with panel coverage and interviews, we’ll also be bombarding you with the tips and tricks to help you’ll need to have the best convention experience possible.
San Diego Comic-Con can be a bit massive and overwhelming, but after a decade of attendance we’ll sure do our best to steer you in the right direction.  Myself, Matt, and Hilary from NA will be wandering the show, so if you’d like to say hi, simply send NA a tweet and we’ll find some time meet up and grab a 20 dollar Mrs. Fields cookie.  Oh yeah, Hilary will also be helping out at the Bioware base, so be sure to properly lurk her!